Why us
We started brewing kombucha in our home late 2014 as a hobby. This was sort of a revolutionary time for us as we started other small businesses, discovered beekeeping and healthy living habits. One thing after another led us to development of kombucha brewery in Latvia which is still expanding looking and manifesting for fresh waters world wide.

We are hard working and optimistic tri be always authentic and real!

Trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

Kombucha Vitality drink

is produced entirely in our brewery. After we brew our recipes of organic tea and botanicals it takes about two weeks to complete fermentation process. Each bottle of Vitality drink is packed with naturally occurring live and active cultures including beneficial bacteria, yeasts and organic acids. It is not pasteurized, so all the good stuff stays inside alive! 

Vitality drink is a good alternative to other sweetened beverages and energy drinks because it is 100% natural and of natural origin. 

We use only certified organic ingredients for brewing

Why we brew raw kombucha

how we made kombucha


We believe in having as little impact on our natural environment as possible. All of our products are packed in glass bottles instead of plastic to ensure quality and to prevent plastic leaching in the product. Our bottles are recyclable.

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